Bigger Than Barbecue: Discover the Steaks, Burgers, Pork Chops, and Chicken

Sunday brunch_carvingSome days, you just have to explore beyond the barbecue. Fortunately, Jackalope Ranch’s diverse menu allows you the freedom to do that.

Here, the non-barbecue choices manage to match the “big and bold” feel of Jackalope’s other signature dishes. Consider a stunning assembly of diverse fine meats that are antibiotic- and hormone-free. These items include Rib Eye, Sliced Tri Tip, Flat Iron Steak, New York Strip steak, Filet Mignons in two sizes, and …

An extraordinary Prime Rib roasted on low temperatures and cooked to perfection. Jackalope’s skilled chefs rely on a combination of specialty seasonings that were invented right at the restaurant, and which include the teamwork of thyme, rosemary, fresh herbs, garden seasonings, fresh garlic, and a few other “secret” ingredients. These succulent wonders are featured on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (including Sunday Brunch in season).


Jackalope’s other steaks typically find themselves on the receiving end of a wonderful treatment. The chef works in the ranch’s proprietary rub and places them atop the indoor char-broiler, from which it rises like a culinary Phoenix for its ultimate destination on the plate. There’s no trick, per se, to perfecting these steaks. Mostly it’s a matter of timing and maintaining proper temperature. Chefs make certain that the exterior of the steaks are seared nicely and the rest … well, it’s customized to your choice — rare, medium, well — and cooked evenly.

Burgers. Think of them as cousins to the aforementioned “meaty crew.” Jackalope cuts all of them in-house — the rib eyes, filets, and others. The remainder of the meat is ground and offered a fascinating seasoning process. By taking control of the content of the burger, Jackalope creates a one-of-a-kind prime burger. It arrives tableside with a bountiful potato-pepper bun.

True, sometimes it may be best to order several different meat items here and share among your group, but remember: There’s no reason to leave chicken out of the loop.

It’s flavorful. It’s juicy. It’s the next thing on your order.

IMG_0315Jackalope’s high-quality chickens are fervently marinated whole overnight, and select chicken menu choices feature a citrus rub. After the marinade, fresh herbs and spices are applied, along with Jackalope’s proprietary rub — that heavenly mix of rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika. The next stop is the rotisserie oven, where for 45 minutes the chicken cooks to mouth-watering temptation. Chefs cut them into halves and quarters, and then pull the remainder of the tender chicken from the bone so that those portions can be used in the restaurant’s array of tacos and quesadillas.

And then there was one: the Grilled Pork Chop, which receives similar affections as the other meats. Racks of pork marinate in an apple cider and vinegar brine before going to an open-flame charbroiling grill where chefs orchestrate just the right amount of heat and sizzle. The pork unveils itself gorgeously — thick, mouth-watering, and double-cut with a tasty reduction made from sun-dried cherries and apricots.

“Everything is big and bold at the ranch,” says Lee Morcus, the Jackalope’s owner. “We keep in mind what guests like and when all is said done, I just like seeing people happy, taken care and given great service with plenty of menu options.”

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